How Does The Texatherm System Work?

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Cleaning a carpet incorrectly can be worse than not cleaning it at all!

95% of carpet cleaners still use old fashioned, dated approaches to carpet cleaning. They do not understand how Acid and Alkaline processes work.

They mix cleaning solutions with the water in their extraction machine and basically keep pumping this into the carpet and extracting it again, over and over, until the carpet seems to look cleaner. This is absolutely the wrong way to do it. This results in the carpet getting soaked through to the backing, taking hours to dry and can actually damage the backing and fibres of the carpet. This can seriously reduce the overall lifespan of your carpet.

Because a fair amount of cleaning solution has been left in the carpet, it begins working its way upwards, attracting additional dirt and grime. This is why some people will notice that after walking on their carpet for a week or two afterwards, the carpet begins to look patchy and dirty again in no time at all. It’s almost as if it had never been cleaned.

We can guarantee that you will not experience any of these negative things when your carpets are cleaned using the Texatherm Cleaning System.

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